You MUST follow the measurement sheet when providing us your body measurements. It is recommended to have a helper, or have a tailor to measure you per our instructions. All measurements must be taken in CM, and KG.

  • Use a soft ruler. Example Here.

  • Take all measurements in CM.

  • When measuring please wear a snug fitting shirt and a snug pair of shorts and/or undergarments.

  • If you have an under-suit wear that during measurements as well.

  • When measuring please wear all armor you intend to wear while wearing the suit (Back protector / Chest protector, etc)

*Women's Measurements are labeled 24-29 on the 2nd page of the Measurement Sheet.

**Mass Sports is not responsible for you providing us with the wrong measurements and there will be no refunds/warranty claims issued if such occurrence arises.

Glove Sizing Chart

Glove Sizing.jpg

13A - If you are writing out your measurements add It to the side if you are using the riders sheet here on the website It may show up as measurement 14. 

we are working on having our guide redone with this new measuement